Core Services: Storm Water and Water Quality | Wastewater Collection Systems | Construction Oversight and Management


Field Investigative Services

Our field investigative services collect data for anticipated rehabilitation or maintenance of sewer infrastructure. We offer field services to complement projects related to IDDE, I/I, SSES or Combined Sewer Overflow. Each service listed is a hyperlink to a resource that’ll facilitate your understanding of what each task is about.

Consulting & Regulatory Compliance

Our experience in the stormwater and wastewater infrastructure industry spans over 15 years. We can provide resident inspectors for jobs including pipeline installations and treatment plant construction, in addition to other types of construction projects. Throughout the years our advisory has assisted municipalities towards compliance for permits such as MS4’s, NPDES and TMDL’s.


The associations listed are all ones we either hold membership with, utilize as a resource for networking with other water quality professionals or for continuing education.

Additional/Suggested Readings

This section was curated by what the SDE staff felt would be useful food for thought for professionals working in sewer infrastructure. Featuring our very own SDE fact sheet on the disposal of field test kits after use.