Core Services: Storm Water and Water Quality | Wastewater Collection Systems | Construction Oversight and Management


STACEY DEPASQUALE, P.E., BCEE, CPSWQ, President/Chief Engineer

“Our clients know we’re committed to ensuring that our staff receives the support and the encouragement they need to continue their development, in both their personal and professional lives. That’s very important to us and, obviously, to them.”

Stacey began her career with Tetra Tech (formerly Rizzo Associates) in 1992. In 1999, she founded SDE, providing technical field services out of her vehicle and home office. She has extensive experience in the design, modeling and inspection of storm water and wastewater conveyance and disposal systems. Over the years, SDE has grown in size and the types of services offered. Today Stacey supervises the company’s technical and consultative work, including stormwater design and compliance for airport upgrades. Under her direction, SDE has consistently held a standard of excellence for the benefit of society, the environment and its clients.

A native of Massachusetts, Stacey earned her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She is a member of numerous industry committees and professional societies, including: American Society of Civil Engineers, Boston Society of Civil Engineers, Water Environment Federation and New England Water Environment Association. For the New England Water Environment Association, she is a Clerk of the Collection Systems Committee and member of the Storm Water Committee.

Her licenses and certifications in this industry are numerous. They include being a Registered Professional Engineer, Certified Soil Evaluator, Certified Septic System Inspector, a Board Certified Environmental Engineer and a Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality. In recent years she has expanded her geographic reach and is a Registered Professional Engineer in not only in Massachusetts but in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York, as well. Stacey’s extensive experience in the design, modeling, and inspection of storm water and wastewater conveyance and disposal systems has won her a Golden Manhole Award.

Stacey enjoys an active lifestyle with her two boys. They can be found on the water or in the mountains on any given weekend whether skiing, hiking, boating, snowmobiling, geocaching or just plain having fun.

GARRETT BERGEY, Project Manager

“In the environmental field there seems to be a lot of doom and gloom. Climate change, pollution (air and water), deforestation and habitat loss are a few of many huge, complex and international issues. At SDE we make a significant and measurable difference in reducing environmental pollution. I truly value the work that we do and am proud of the impact our company has on the environment.”

Garrett is a 2007 graduate of the University of Vermont where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. He is an expert in the collection and delivery of data for field services associated with storm drainage and sanitary sewer infrastructure projects including illicit discharge detection and elimination (IDDE), inflow and infiltration investigations and combined sewer separation projects. Garrett’s specific duties include field data collection, quality control, project management, marketing, business development and public outreach.

Garrett likes working at SDE because everyone on the team understands the value of clean water and is willing to work hard in challenging conditions to help make sure our waterways are clean. Everyone also knows how to have a fun time while still being productive and professional.

Garrett completed his Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering in May of 2016 and is trained as a LEED Green Associate as well as, Envision SP.

In his spare time, Garrett loves being outdoors skiing, hiking, fishing and rock climbing. When he is not out playing in the environment he helps to protect, he enjoys reading and making his own beer (home-brew).

SYDNEY IRVING, Project Coordinator

“It’s important for me to ensure our water and environment is safe and clean for my children. The more proactive we are now, to limit and remove pollutants from our water sources, keeps me hopeful that future generations will be able to experience the luxury of a clean environment for years to come.”

Prior to joining SDE, Sydney held the role of data analyst for over 15 years. Her responsibilities included the collection, processing and reporting of sanitary and storm drain data that involved manhole, pipe and building inspections; smoke, dye and flow isolation testing; and flow monitoring. All of these services were related to Sanitary Sewer Evaluation System (SSES) and Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) projects. Sydney maintained positive client relationships with timely reporting and ensured clients’ needs were met and expectations were exceeded.

Sydney joined SDE in 2016 as Project Coordinator. In this role, she is responsible for data processing and reporting as well as overseeing our resident project representative services. She is the liaison between the field staff and the office. She performs human resources and financial functions as well as develops proposals and marketing materials.

In her spare time, Sydney enjoys camping, kayaking, singing, party planning, gardening and spending time with her husband and children.

LUIS CORNIELES, Civil Engineer

“Clean water is one of our most vital resources. We rely on fresh clean water consumption. Clean water allows us to stay healthy and free of diseases caused by contamination. It allows us to stay hydrated, cook, clean, water our crops and engage in everyday activities. Living in the countryside of the Dominican Republic has helped me appreciate having a source of clean fresh water. The only time we had clean water was when it rained. Our only other source of water was untreated water from the river. Clean water to me means being able to lead a healthy life.”

Luis Cornieles is one of our Civil Engineers. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. While at SDE he has been certified in Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP), Manhole Assessment Certification Program (MACP), and Lateral Assessment Certification Program (LACP). Luis is a resident of Lawrence, MA and has participated in community service. Luis brings a strong work ethic evidenced by his expectation to meet goals and objectives.

SARAH RAY, Environmental Scientist

“I enjoy the variety, atmosphere and motivation to think critically. Every week is something different and the unknown possibility of finding contamination keeps things interesting. Being in an outdoor environment both in cities and forested areas means you never know what you might see or who you might meet. Critical thinking and innovation is a necessity in this position as nothing is ever as it seems. Most importantly, every time contamination is found it is a reminder of why the work we do is so crucial.”

Sarah Ray is an Environmental Scientist. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy with a Minor in Geography from Plymouth State University. Before joining SDE, she received a certificate in Geographic Information Systems and a New Hampshire Waste Water License Level 1 (OIT). Her appreciation for culture lead her to learn Mandarin Chinese in which she has an intermediate level of understanding. Sarah enjoys being outdoors, skiing, running, hiking or just taking in the air. As well as being indoors, cooking, computers and writing. Sometimes mixing these things together.

RANDY JAIME, Field Technician

“It’s difficult to answer what I like most about my job… because there are many things I like about it. For starters asking questions is encouraged and this is a very supportive environment. I also like that I’m challenged and held responsible for delivering quality work.”

Randy Jaime is a field technician. In the past he’s provided resident inspection services as well as field inspection services for dye testing, manhole inspections and illicit discharge detection and elimination projects. His fluency in both English and Spanish has proven to be an asset in settings with non-English speaking residents and business owners.